Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs


Global Access Program

Exporting strengthens the U.S. economy and is profitable for businesses of all sizes.  The Global Access Program brings global opportunities to women-owned businesses in Michigan!
The Global Access Program offers a series of resources including educational workshops, seminars and training to help women entrepreneurs gain and expand access to international markets.
Global Access provides information about exporting and is geared towards both new and established companies of all sizes.  The program is excellent for women business owners who are looking to do business or form strategic alliances abroad.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Increase female participation in international trade
  • Create a level playing field for women-owned businesses engaging in international trade
  • Connect Michigan women entrepreneurs to international networks to create business opportunities
  • Create a space for women in exporting to share experiences and best practices

Global Access combines the global trade resources of a number of trade associations and government agencies to provide vital information on federal and international programs designed to help women business owners enter global export markets and expand their global presence.

Program Partners